YAMAN PLASTIC aims to expand by getting stronger in the direction of policies it applies with its employees while providing accurate products and services to its customers in universal quality and standards. These policies, which are implemented for a sustainable world, for our country, for our clients and for all of the stakeholders, are components of trust that are implemented with no compromise.


Quality and Product Safety Policy


Within the scope of quality and product safety that it applies, YAMAN PLASTİK;

  • Provides safe and legal products in defined quality.
  • Provides high quality service at all times in order to meet the requirements and expectations of its clients at any stage of production and after production.
  • Guarantees product safety by providing legal, safe and quality products.
  • Assesses the feedback it receives from its clients and integrates them to its practices.
  • Uses its resources in the direction of its goals and objectives.
  • Aims to improve continuously the effectiveness of its Quality and Food Safety Management Systems and its products in the direction of the expectations of the market.
  • Ensures continuation of contribution and collaboration by informing its employees in the direction of this policy and by improving their skills.

OHS and Environment Policy


As we perform our activities, YAMAN PLASTİK aims to adhere to occupational safety and environment policies with its professional personnel that possess skilled labour. In the direction of these goals, YAMAN PLASTİK;

  • Adapts itself to legal legislations, standards and other requirements, which it must follow.
  • Increases the occupational health, safety and environment awareness of its employees and visitors.
  • Takes measures to minimize the effects of situations and behaviours that create risks.
  • Minimizes waste formation, energy and natural resource consumption while performing its activities.
  • Defines occupational accidents, occupational diseases, environmental aspects and emergencies that may occur during its activities, and develops systems that may minimize losses that may occur at such times.
  • Ensures sustainability and development by implementing Environment Management System and Occupational Health Safety Management System in the direction of its goals and objectives.
  • Makes its production and investments without endangering the health of its employees and by showing respect to the nature, which is entrusted with us.
  • Ensures that social awareness is increased by developing social awareness projects in order to raise awareness to show respect to the nature and environment.

Information Safety Policy


YAMAN PLASTİK implements information safety policy meticulously in order to protect the information assets of the company against any internal and external, and voluntary or non-voluntary threats. Within the scope of these goals, YAMAN PLASTİK;

  • Defines information assets and makes risk assessments in relation with the same.
  • Protects integrity of information by ensuring confidentiality of the same.
  • Allows access to information at any time required during business processes.
  • Fulfils legal liabilities that source from legal liabilities and contracts.
  • Develops business continuity plans, and ensures that they are improved.
  • Notifies the Information Safety Board on Information Safety violations or suspicions of violations, and ensures that they are examined.
  • Holds all of the employees liable to conform to Information Safety Policy, and informs them on this issue.