PLASTIC, which is obtained by processing a fossil fuel that is extracted from the ground in general and petroleum, which is a raw material, is used in almost any field of our lives since it is light, easily shapeable, durable, colourable and economical.

However, this material, which takes many years to be decomposed and to be adopted by the nature, must be recycled for continuation of natural life. Human beings must do this in order to decrease consumption of used natural resources to allow production of new plastics, to economize energy consumption, and most of all, to prevent environment pollution!

Now, by “Recycling, Reusage and Recovery”, we are heading to a journey that saves plastic wastes from becoming garbage…

Here is the journey of plastic wastes, which are ready for recycling, in the facilities of YAMAN PLASTİK…

  • Plastic wastes are firstly sorted by type and then, are subjected to recycling procedure,
  • Recyclable plastic wastes that are sorted by type are crushed in crushing machines, and are taken to tiny pieces,
  • These parts, which we call “trimmings”, are subjected to washing procedure,
  • After the washing procedure, foreign materials that are available within them are sorted by sorter machines.


  1. Are compressed by being transferred to the extrusion plate line, and are transformed into fine and wide pet plates.
  2. Are injected by injection.
  • Obtained pet plates are transformed into final product by being shaped in thermophor machines.

With the completion of the journey that continues for several days in our facility, wastes are recovered as brand new thermophormic products.