YAMAN PLASTİK is a young firm that provides service by making production of Raw Materials, Plastic Plates and Disposable Thermophormic Products in Recycling and Plastic Packaging Sectors, which constitute one of the most critical legs of zero waste policies in the whole world, and which develop rapidly.

The firm, which was established by YAMAN LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ, who has been adding value to the Turkish industry and economy since 1966, was established in 2010, and performed its first activities on the recycling sector. The firm continued to make production by providing quality raw material, which is obtained from recycling, to the plastic sector for 10 years, and it moved on to the Plastic Packaging sector in 2020 as a result of its goals that grew bigger with its capacity.

YAMAN PLASTİK Production Facilities are located on an open area of 12000 m2 and on an indoor area of 6500 m2 in total in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone. The firm has adopted it as its principle to provide recycled quality raw materials and products since its establishment.

YAMAN PLASTİK, who combined its solid past and experience of 54 years with the “sense of innovation”, forges ahead rapidly with new and big goals thanks to the policies it implements, its professional personnel and its consumer oriented service mentality.

By saying WE ARE MAKING INVESTMENT IN THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD, the firm lays emphasis on the importance of the job it does on a global scale, and thanks to its industrialist identity, the firm is proud of serving to the economy of the country and sectorial goals as one of the facilities that has a solid technological infrastructure that Turkey needs.